Friday, September 16, 2005

We bought silk flowers and butterflies to adorn the table with.... Sveta designed the tablecloth! Posted by Picasa
Vova just saw me but Olya has not! Posted by Picasa
Look over here! Posted by Picasa
Evidence against Sveta including marrying Valentin on purpose! Posted by Picasa
Alexei could have won an Oscar or a Golden Globe for his perfomance as the trial lawyer. The couple is on trial for this MARRIAGE?!! Posted by Picasa
Another group of singers! Natasha, Olya and Anastasia... Olya's name is really Olga. And Anastasia is called Nastia. Posted by Picasa
He caught her... he has those long arms! Posted by Picasa
She is on the move! Posted by Picasa
She likes the instructions... Valentin will chase her!!!! Posted by Picasa
This game is very interesting. She will given a film canister full of coins to shake and he has to find her! Posted by Picasa
Misha greets like a pro! Posted by Picasa
Nathan is excited to meet someone who can speak English. Michele is from Canada.  Posted by Picasa
Sveta is still at work! Posted by Picasa
Another view of the reception! Posted by Picasa
still eating! Posted by Picasa
Sveta just heard the instructions! Posted by Picasa
Everyone is lined up and ready! Posted by Picasa
He is explaining the game to Valentin! Posted by Picasa
He starts with the guys! Posted by Picasa
one of these hands might be Tom's! Posted by Picasa
He is sure he has found her! Posted by Picasa
He keeps checking to be sure! Posted by Picasa
He thinks he has found her! Posted by Picasa
That first game is over but this is a Russian wedding and there is a lot of music and several skits and a whole lot more games! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Okay, taking a break from the wedding photos and getting everyone up to date on the kitchen.... this is the before. Ewshous! horror!  Posted by Picasa