Saturday, December 31, 2005

WELCOME TO ARTEKA ~ the Men's Christian Rehab Center not far from Krasnodar. It doesn't look like much, but here, many men have found a new life of sobriety, sanity, & spirituality with God! Posted by Picasa
Let's take a closer look by going inside first. Then we'll tour the farm, join the men for baptism & communion, & then meet a couple of the staff. Posted by Picasa
This room is a new addition, & DOUBLES the space of the tiny house! Previously, you had to go outside to step into the kitchen. Posted by Picasa
The guys could use new beds. Posted by Picasa
Step inside the men's bedroom. Posted by Picasa
Sleeping quarters & storage area for the men. Posted by Picasa
Skoff that holds the centers teaching materials. Posted by Picasa
This is the wood stove that heats the house & the water ~ its in the living room! Posted by Picasa
'New' old house that the rehab center has acquired on their property, bringing their total to 3 houses that they have. This one needs a little bit of work - which will probably wait unti summer. Posted by Picasa
On Wednesday we chopped up a 40 year tree. On Thursday we moved the wood close to the house to prepare for winter. Posted by Picasa
From left to right are Bill, Clinton & Monica. Breshniev is in another pen! Posted by Picasa
"A farmer walks into a bar..." Posted by Picasa
This green house is used year round for growing dill, parsley, spices, tomatoes, & other vegatables.  Posted by Picasa
Some of the fowl are eaten & some are sold at the market in the village of Arteka. Posted by Picasa
The men raise rabbits, chickens, geese, quail & ducks. Posted by Picasa
Hay is stacked for the cows for winter. Posted by Picasa
Tool shed. Posted by Picasa
Yes, it actually runs! Posted by Picasa
Primitive supply lean-to. Posted by Picasa
New bannya on left & back of main house & tool shed on right. Posted by Picasa
Corn cob crib is conveneintly located next to the outhouse. Posted by Picasa
New bannya (bath house) under construction. Posted by Picasa
Old shower needing destruction! Posted by Picasa
Freshly cut wheat field. Posted by Picasa
Men came from a rehab center in Moscow for the baptism, bringing a guy from Novosibirsk for baptism & to join the crew at Arteka. Posted by Picasa