Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Lookie, there is Nathan, Iris, Robert and Ann all around Melanie! Posted by Picasa
Check out all the food. We did this with one day's notice. You should see what happens when we really take time to plan! Posted by Picasa
Michelle has the long curlie hair. Rochelle with the blonde hair beside her. (Anna's mom!) Posted by Picasa
Judy is cutting the brownie sheet cake! Posted by Picasa
Spencer is in the photographers way again! Posted by Picasa
Party on! Posted by Picasa
Andrew is complaining about the paparazzi! I told him he was world reknowned! Posted by Picasa
art by Nathan Posted by Picasa
who brought the healthy stuff? Posted by Picasa
Tom still trying to make friends with the kids... maybe he should lose the mafia jacket! Posted by Picasa
Melanie is listening intently! Posted by Picasa
Jody is so tired. So very very tired! Posted by Picasa
Leia... it is all a blur! Posted by Picasa
This is why he is called the flash! Posted by Picasa
Aidan finally being held still!  Posted by Picasa
Michael and Anna Posted by Picasa
Jody Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 26, 2005

We had a great night tonight watching the famous Kuban Cossack Choir! Hope that you enjoy the photos. Posted by Picasa
Stage prop Posted by Picasa
The news channel was there. Right on our row. Vova was very excited. Olya told Tom to say "preeveeyet Mama!" But, we know she does not get the Russian channels! Tom said "preeveeyet Mama Olya!" Posted by Picasa
Still photographers were busy the whole performance Posted by Picasa
Our emcee for the evening Posted by Picasa
These bells were sounded to start the concert! Posted by Picasa
Curtains in the Concert Hall Posted by Picasa
they came in so fast it was a blur! Posted by Picasa