Monday, June 26, 2006

Back row: Alida, Pervana, Maj-lis, Sveta, Joyce, Larissa, Debbie, Alla, Aloana, Lena P, Joy, Tania and Linda

Center row: starting with gal in pink standing Oxcana, Lena R., Olya, Ira (eera)

Front row: all kneeling Christina, Diane, Janath, Zhenya, Darcy, Olya, Lilia Posted by Picasa
Sveta and Tania waiting for the charter bus to take us home! Posted by Picasa
my hotel room... there are three single beds. I roomed with Joyce H and Sveta H. Joyce and I were able to ask Russian grammar questions and Sveta asked us English grammar questions! Posted by Picasa
Lilia thinks her new look is "Super!" In Russian we say "soop-pear!" Posted by Picasa
Janath doing Tania's hair Posted by Picasa
Lena's new 'do ! Posted by Picasa
this is the china that Darcy and Janath recieved from us for all of their hard work! They each have one. Posted by Picasa
Linda teaching on washing the feet of others.... also known as servanthood! Posted by Picasa
Sveta H. did a great job of translating Posted by Picasa
Linda (turquiose outfit), Darcy (center) and Janath Posted by Picasa
"devashki" (young women) going for a walk... maybe a mother and daughter??  Posted by Picasa
rickshaw ride! Posted by Picasa
run through heaven! Posted by Picasa
on the sanatorium wall Posted by Picasa
sunshine on the fence Posted by Picasa
sailboat on the fence Posted by Picasa