Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Thanks to Holly!

Tom packed these monkies in the suitcase that Alexei borrowed from us!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The zamboni in action... these guys checked the ice for divets and filled them in with water from the bottle! Posted by Picasa
Ded Moroz and Snegorochka? Posted by Picasa
Check out the Christmas tree. Christmas here is January 7th for the Orthodox community. Posted by Picasa
Harlequin. He is spinning a large metal cube. He got a big reaction form the crowd. Nathan says everyone loves the Harlequin! Posted by Picasa
Opening number! Posted by Picasa
They lifted her up and down as they skated. The crowd really loved this! Posted by Picasa
The Nutcracker with his mask on! Posted by Picasa
a sit spin... I missed the death spiral. I need a sport lens! Posted by Picasa
The Nutcracker Prince! Posted by Picasa
soldiers? Posted by Picasa
Another princess! Posted by Picasa
The King! Posted by Picasa
The lighting was great. I caught her in action! Posted by Picasa
She kept on adding the hula hoops. She done good out there! Posted by Picasa
These kids skated in formation and juggled the pins! There were only two drops the entire time. Some of us cannot even do this standing still! Posted by Picasa
This girl had a costume on that did not leave much to imagination in the back. I made sure to capture the front of the outfit only. This is a family site! Posted by Picasa
another princess! Posted by Picasa
The End! Posted by Picasa
a garden of beauties! Posted by Picasa
lovely girls! Posted by Picasa
Finale and Introductions.  Posted by Picasa
Finally got the candles to photograph! Posted by Picasa